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Data Architecture and Engineering Services

Data is transforming the way we work in every sector. Organizations are using data to enhance their operations, create new opportunities, and gain a competitive edge.


We offer services to help you design, acquire, process and analyze data to enable your business to become a data-driven organization. We combine strategic vision, proven expertise, and practical experience to work with you to meet your data architecture and cloud engineering needs.

Key Data Architecture and Engineering Services at nuSoft

Legacy and SQL: No matter what software or hardware your data is on, nuSoft can convert it into a modern format. We use the right tools for the task, and we can write our own scripts or use existing database tools to ensure all your data is migrated to the new system.


Modeling: We use our unique and proprietary data science and modeling techniques to enhance the performance of your current predictive models.


Machine Learning: We are experts in building scalable data systems that turn your real-time events into high volume, high performance machine learning applications.

Pipelines: nuSoft creates both ETL pipelines to move and transform data from system to database and ELT pipelines that transform data at its destination. Data can be moved and transformed using either batch processing techniques or real-time streaming.

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