Cloud Security Services

Cloud security services consist of a combination of procedures and technological processes designed to address internal and external threats to business security and improve compliance in cloud environments. Due to the complexity of cloud environments, which can include multiple functions and technologies, they can be vulnerable to a range of threats that cannot be addressed by one-size-fits-all solutions.


As such, it is essential for organizations to implement appropriate cybersecurity solutions that incorporate cloud-based services and tools as an integral part of their infrastructure. By working with third-party service providers, organizations can effectively monitor and manage their network operations to detect and prevent criminal activity while also achieving regulatory compliance.

Integrate Security into your Cloud Infrastructure

No matter where you stand on your path to embracing cloud technology, nuSoft is here to assist you. Our extensive knowledge and experience in deploying and safeguarding on-premise, native, and hybrid cloud security solutions are readily available to you. We adopt a comprehensive approach to ensure your cloud security, starting from strategy and assessment, then moving to gap analysis and design, all aimed at incorporating robust protection into your expanding environment. Furthermore, we enable enhanced visibility across your entire ecosystem, facilitating improved monitoring, management, and control.

Why Cloud Security

Cloud security is of utmost importance as most organizations are already utilizing cloud computing in one way or another. This widespread adoption of public cloud services is evident from Gartner’s recent forecast, predicting a 23.1% growth in the worldwide market for public cloud services in 2021.

An essential aspect of cloud security is to safeguard data and business content such as confidential design documents, financial records, and customer orders. Preventing data breaches and theft is crucial in maintaining the trust of your customers and securing the assets that give your company a competitive edge. The ability of cloud security to protect your data and assets makes it an indispensable element for any organization transitioning to the cloud.

Upfront Costs

With cloud computing, there is no need to pay for dedicated hardware. By avoiding the investment in dedicated hardware, you can save a significant amount of money in the initial stages. Additionally, this can aid in improving your security measures. Once you have hired a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), they will proactively manage your security needs, thereby enabling you to save costs and minimize the risks associated with maintaining an in-house security team to protect dedicated hardware.


Replatforming means moving an application to the cloud with some optimizations, such as moving from self-hosted infrastructure to managed services.


Repurchasing is a faster way to access Cloud that involves change of the existing licensing model.


This strategy involves redesigning and building your existing applications from scratch so they can work in the cloud environment.


If migrating to the cloud doesn’t make sense for your company at this time, you can retain your current environment and revisit a move to the cloud later.


There’s no reason to migrate all of your apps and services to the cloud if they are not going to be of value to your customers. If this is the case, all you need to do is turn them off. 

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