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Transform Your Business with Our Cloud Migration Services. nuSoft’s cloud experts plan and carry out risk-free, cost-effective cloud migration projects that help boost app performance and significantly reduce IT infrastructure costs.

Exceptional Cloud Migration Solutions for Business Transformation

nuSoft’s cloud migration services help reduce the need for physical resources, costs and increase your organization’s productivity. Using proven methods and approaches, our services help you move effortlessly from on-premise to cloud migration and create solutions that meet your business needs.

Our cloud migration solutions provide  in-depth analysis and understanding of business objectives, post-assessment, and help create a roadmap to support, rebuild and rebuild applications.

Our Cloud Migration Strategy

Migrating your application to the cloud is a complex process that requires a systematic strategy to ensure a successful outcome. At nuSoft, we understand the importance of developing an efficient migration plan that is tailored to your unique business needs and technology environment.

Our migration strategy involves six stages: Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor/Re-architecture, Retain, and Retire. These stages are designed to ensure a seamless and successful migration process.


Or “lift and shift,” a fundamental strategy that involves moving material currently hosted on-premises to the cloud.


Replatforming means moving an application to the cloud with some optimizations, such as moving from self-hosted infrastructure to managed services.


Repurchasing is faster way to access Cloud that involves change of the existing licensing model.


This strategy involves redesigning and building your existing applications from scratch so they can work in the cloud environment.


If migrating to the cloud doesn’t make sense for your company at this time, you can retain your current environment and revisit a move to the cloud later.


There’s no reason to migrate all of your apps and services to the cloud if they are not going to be of value to your customers. If this is the case, all you need to do is turn them off. 

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